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Stay on top of your Shopify store from your Mac menubar.

With Storebar you'll see what's happening with your Shopify store right on your menubar. Switch between key metrics and see what's happening without going to your Shopify dashboard.

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Key Metrics

Get instant updates on the three key metrics – Sales, Orders and Average order value. See the money flow!

Variable Date Range

It's always important to zoom-out and get high-level overview of your store. Switch between detail of today, yesterday, current or previous week, month and year.

Data Comparison

Seeing actual metric is essential, but comparing those to the previous period gives you the complete picture.

Coming Soon

Instant Notifications

Optionally receive instant notifications Mac notifications for everything important that's happening.


Data comes directly from Shopify to your computer. We don't have access to your API Keys or your data in any way.

Get your Shopify store on your Mac menubar.

Buy for $6

One-time purchase. Use Storebar forever.

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